Chris Stark

Chris Stark

General Agent
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Meet Chris Stark, General Agent of the Fort Worth Knights of Columbus Insurance Agency! Originally from Kaufman, Texas, Chris has had quite an adventure if you ever want to hear the story. Chris met his wife, Kelly, in College Station, Texas in 2002, and they moved to Lubbock, Texas after graduation where they began their journey with the Knights of Columbus and further growth in their faith. They welcomed their first child, Alison; and a short 5 years later, Ryan a few years after their move to Fort Worth!

Chris became an Field agent in 2013 in Lubbock under the legend, GA Jim Seideman, and he was promoted to General Agent of Fort Worth in 2017. It has been an extraordinary opportunity working for the Knights of Columbus Insurance, and he is so honored to serve the incredible Brother Knights in Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Diocese and so many amazing families of Fort Worth! Highly Blessed!

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