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“My husband started to hate his previous job. He became a really different person– unmotivated, frustrated and disconnected. He was always exhausted and simply unhappy. This began to resonate in our family. When he was approached by a General Agent of the Knights of Columbus in Lubbock, it took some time before he decided to seriously consider the position of a Field Agent. God opened a window, but we weren’t ready to take a look outside.

After a lot of conversation and prayer as a first time pregnant wife, my husband decided that the opportunity to give our family a stronger foundation, the prospect of a fulfilling career and a chance to better immerse our family within our Catholic community was a chance he was willing to take.

The first year was really challenging as my husband settled into the new role, the new expectations and the time required to meet with his Catholic families. When he reached his yearly goals and said we were off to Portugal and Spain for the first incentive trip, and how could you NOT be on board? RIGHT?!

But the rewards and financial benefit of this position would soon be much larger than we could have expected.

After my husband came home from his first death claim, he told me about a widow and her daughter that he met with that day. My husband spent a lot of time answering her calls at home during the following evenings– listening to her questions, helping her get in contact with whomever she needed for funeral arrangements, and reassured her that things would be ok. I didn’t think his role would be such an intricate part of her husband’s end of life. I thought, if this is what EVERY death claim looks like, am I ever going to see my husband again? What does our family life look like?

At the end of her husband’s funeral, the widow told Chris that he was the most important support through the whole process for her. After the funeral dinner, Chris said she pulled him aside, saying:

“In her darkest hour, her world was turned upside down. She said that having my husband’s guidance changed her experience from a frightful one into a moment of peace where she could simply remain in the last moments with her husband.”

There were moments when I questioned if this was our path. Then this one moment changed everything for me. My husband was not only my partner and the soon-to-be father to our daughter, but he was filling a necessary role God created for him. He was needed by so many people who, in their darkest hour, needed him more than we did at times.

Sometimes that’s a really hard pill to swallow. But what other career gives you that kind of meaning? This type of spiritual fulfillment? I still get emotional thinking about the impact he has made on so many families in the few years we have been part of the #KOFC family. Honestly– it’s not a career. It’s a calling.

Now as Chris continues on his journey as a General Agent serving Fort Worth, I watch his incredible agency help thousands of families that make every second of the time, energy and work so worth it. My husband is a better man, a better Father, a better Husband and better Member of the community. He makes me a better wife.

I think about what they families go through when they lose their spouse– dealing with heartbreak and loss — coupled with financial worries. I sleep better at night not having to worry about the “what ifs.” Who would have thought that Life Insurance would change our lives more than I could have ever imagined?

Our job on this planet it to take care of others, and career does just that– for our whole family! I’m humbled, honored and proud to be the wife behind the Agent. There’s no other career for my husband as exceptional as one with the Knights of Columbus Insurance!”

By: Kelly Stark